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  • I am a local business, can I buy your eggs wholesale? "
    Yes you can! Please send us an email at and we would be delighted to discuss any opportunities further.
  • Where can I buy your eggs?
    Our eggs are available for purchase on our website. Alternativley we supply several local companies in the Dunkeld, Pitlochry and Aberfeldy areas. Please click on our contact page to see a full list of suppliers.
  • Can we visit the farm?
    You are welcome to visit the farm by appointment only. Please get in contact at least 48 hour prior to visit.
  • What happens to your older hens?
    Once our hens have reached the end of their commercial laying age (18 months), we then try to re home as many as we can. We have been succesfully re-homing hens for several year now.
  • How do you re-home a hen?
    Every 18 months we will post on our social media and website, stating that we have some lovely hens looking for new homes.
  • Will the re-homed hens still lay eggs?
    Yes they will! Once reached commercial end of lay our hens will still lay eggs but just a bit more infrequently in some hens.
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